Cube-p is Stonex software for GNSS post processing.


Cube-t is a surveying and mapping software based on Window 10 platform.

R2W 1”1000 m

Stonex R2W 1”1000 m is the most accurate Total Station ever appeared in the Stonex Total Staions family.


R2WPlus Limited Edition, the new Stonex Windows CE based Total Station, opens a new era in the world of traditional surveying.


STONEX R5 is a reflectorless Total Station, belongs to the new family of compact, lightweight and rugged reflectorless instruments…


STONEX R6 long range reflectorless Total Station is the high-end optical instrument of the Stonex portfolio.


STONEX® S4 is the new family of Handheld by Stonex.

S5 GNSS Receiver

STONEX S5 uses the most modern connection technologies: even if the traditional Bluetooth connectivity is present, Stonex S5 Linux based System, is equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity, for an efficient, fast and reliable data connection with the external device.


The new STONEX S7 series GPS/GNSS receivers combine the modern positioning technology and versatility of a powerful handheld…


S8 completes the wide range of GNSS receivers produced by STONEX.

S8 Plus

Staking out a new road, collecting 3D points for a volume calculation, establishing a boundary for a cadastral job … just some of the scenarios where a STONEX S8 PLUS is your perfect partner for your daily surveying job.

S9i GNSS Receiver

S9i is the result of the continuous evolution of the Stonex GNSS integrated receivers.


The new STONEX® S9III is the updated version of the worldwide known STONEX S9 II.

T2/T3 Rugged Tablets

STONEX T2 and T3 are tablets reliable in terms of quality and performance. Available in Android and Windows versions, the Stonex Tablets are the perfect assistant for your field works.

T4A/T4W Rugged Tablets

STONEX T4A and T4W are the new Stonex tablets available in Android version (T4A – Android 5.1) and Windows version (T4W – Windows 10 Home).


Stonex X300L is the best solution for any application, balancing economic efficiency and highly accurate outputs.