Total Stations

R1 Plus Total Station

Stonex R1 Plus Total Station, precise distance and angles measurements, concentrated in 5 Kg of pure technology.

R25/R25LR Total Station

Cadastral, mapping, staking out, and up to high precision monitoring works: within the range of R25/R25LR Series, you will find the solution that fits your needs.

R35/R35LR Total Station

Now with Endless Friction Drives and Trigger Key Stonex R35/R35LR series is the most customizable Total Station of the market.

R80 Motorized Total Station

R80 combines the power of a Total Station and the capabilities of a remote control. The monitoring of large and small structural works has never been so simple and accurate.

R20 Total Station

The R20 range is composed of 3 versions, the R20 1000 m model with 2″ angular accuracy, the R20 1000 m model with 1″ angular accuracy and the R20 600 m model with 2″ angular accuracy.

Optical & Digital autolevels


Stonex D2 digital level is the right solution to use when you need to measure gradients or height with better precision compared to GPS systems.

T1000 / T1100

The new STAL 1000/1100 Series autolevels are immediate to set up and use.


Auto Level with the highest performances for easy measurements in any construction and survey applications.

Electronic Theodolite

STT402L Theodolite

STT402L offers the opportunity to challenge high-precision monitoring and engineering works. Thanks to its absolute encoder, angle measurements are saved when STT402L is switched off.

Laser distance meter