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SH5A Controller

This Android device can bring unprecedented experience to all professionals looking for a powerful and adaptable instrument.
SH5A is equipped with a comfortable ABC keyboard for fast and accurate use.

UT12P Rugged Tablet

UT12P is a compact 6″ Android tablet, its efficiency and performances make it suitable for working in difficult conditions.

UT56 Rugged Tablet

UT56 is a new Android device, it is the perfect balance between modern OS, visibility and durability. It is built for those who need a light and manageable device but also need a large display.

SRT10W Rugged Tablet

SRT10W is the new 10.1” (inches) Stonex tablet with Windows 10 IoT Enterprise OS. Thanks to its robustness and reliability, this device is suitable for working in demanding environments.

SR35 External Radio

SR35 is a high power radio modem for transmitting RTK corrections from a basic GNSS receiver. The transmission power can be selectable by the user from 5W up to 35W reaching distances up to 50km

SR02 External Radio

RADIO MODEM 2W POWER. SR02 is a high power radio modem for transmitting RTK corrections from a GNSS receiver.

S80 Rugged Tablet

The S80 is an Android Rugged Tablet that is accurate, resistant, and well-equipped, making it ideal for professionals who need a handy and lightweight device. The device is enriched with numerous features that make it excellent for carrying out tasks in many fields.

S55 Controller

S55 is designed to handle even the most complex surveying tasks with ease thanks to its powerful 2.0 GHz processor and Android 12 operating system.