Satellite technology for high precision mining operations

STONEX has developed simple and intuitive operating solutions to allow operators the correct positioning of the machines. Traditional staking of points is an integral part of our solutions.

To facilitate the exchange of information between operators, the solutions consist of a part dedicated to the Office and a part dedicated to field work. Office and field can communicate thanks to the use of a Cloud platform where they can easily share data, projects and information.

Stonex Special Projects division has designed three solutions for the mining world:


STX-MI-DRILL is a GPS guidance system for jet grouting capable to determine the correct planimetric position of the columns, the verticality of the drilling tower and the deviations from the designed coordinates.


STX-MI-DIGWHEEL is a system for guiding and positioning digwheel machines for the construction of quarries or tunnels.


STX-MI-TSDRILL is a system for guiding and positioning drills for the construction of quarries or tunnels with the support of a robotic total station.