SC600A GNSS Receiver

SC600A is a multipurpose GNSS receiver. It can be used for static applications such as CORS, Monitoring or as a base station. It can also be coupled to kinematic surveys and positioning.

SC600 GNSS Receiver

SC600 GNSS Receiver is a multipurpose receiver that adapts to various types of use.

SA1800 Antenna

The unique 3D choke ring design of SA1800 ensures an excellent multipath reduction performance across all GNSS frequency bands including L-Band.

SA1500 Antenna

The SA1500 cover is made of Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer(GFRP) material and is structurally strong and reliable. The IP67 ruggedized cover is also designed for added protection for inside antenna avoid from dust and water.

SA3G+C Antenna

SA3G+C is a compact but high performance GNSS antenna, comparable to a Choke Ring antenna. It is able to track all constellations GPS, Glonass, Galileo and Beidou and to receive the L-band correction.

SA65 Antenna

SA65 have higt phase center stability, it effectively improves measurement accuracy and provides excellent positioning solutions.