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Cube-fly Software

Drone Mission Planner and Photogrammetry Software

Stonex Cube-fly has been developed to work on desktop computer or tablet running Microsoft Windows. It allows to perform advanced UAV drones’ mission planning and to process photogrammetric calculations of digital images.

Choosing one of the cameras pre-sets and selecting the area for the mission, the software automatically calculates the path and info about the flight, such as speed, total time and number of shots. Adjusting altitude, it is possible to have the GSD needed.

The pictures can be processed in order to obtain 3D point clouds, meshes and orthophoto.


Drone Mission Planner

Plan a UAV mission by Cube-fly is quick and simple, allowing to manage and arrange the flight in detail. Once ready, export the mission for the flight app.

The tool for planning allows to define all types of missions (linear, normal, grid, vertical and circular), specifying the height from the ground or the distance from the target, as well as lateral and frontal overlaps.

Field Survey


Measure GCP by using the Cube-a software to have direct import of your survey on Cube-fly. It is also possible to import notes and pictures made during the survey.

Drone Flight

Cube-fly is not a flight application, but exports in formats compatible with the most common APPs.

Photogrammetry Software

Cube-fly completes the photogrammetric workflow allowing the SfM (Structure from motion) processing of photos, both from drones and land.
Through the management of GPC (Ground Control Point) and CS (Coordinate Systems) it allows to georeference the generated three-dimensional model and to use it for topographical purposes.
The software also has a three-dimensional viewer of the models that allows immersive viewing through 3D viewers.

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