Flexible and High-performance Positioning Systems

STONEX offers flexible, high-performance positioning systems to meet the unique needs of marine construction on both simple and complex projects. Our solutions include both hardware and software, and can be easily integrated into third-party systems.

Improve productivity and efficiency in underwater marine construction applications including dredging, crane operations, piling and hydrographic survey. Our solutions are suitable for dredging operations, canal / port development, reclamation, breakwaters and navigation systems.

Stonex Special Projects division has designed several solutions for marine sector:


Solution for navigation control and boat guidance in confined spaces.


Solution for positioning and controlling a dredger: by entering the information regarding the dredge, the quarry and the objective of the work, the system allows the operator to have a visual support for controlling the position and the progress of the work.


Monitoring system for underwater placements of blocks according to a predefined grid.


An easy navigation control able to move the barge to the designed working position.


NEMO110 is an unmanned vessel system with integrated single-beam echosounder. Small and lightweight (20kg)

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• Marine Heading Kit UT12P

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Case Study

Stonex high precision GPS solution for the entry maneuver of the aircraft carrier “Cavour” inside the Ferrati Basin of Taranto