Survey Software


Cube-link is a free version of Cube-manager for downloading data from GNSS and Total Station to personal computers.


Cube-manager is a software for managing data from GNSS receivers and Total Stations.

Cors & Network Software


Cube-nrtk is a GNSS software designed for managing GNSS station networks.


Cube-CORS is a software dedicated to the remote management of Stonex GNSS receivers.


Cube-caster is the advanced Stonex solution for the transmission of GNSS real-time data streams.


GNSMART2 is a software that enables the consistent and seamless estimation of GNSS errors (rigorous solution) and provides both OSR and SSR corrections.

3D Software


Cube-3d is a 3D data management software. Draw with CAD tools, create orthophotos and sections, calculate volumes, align models and much more. Using the photogrammetry module, you can generate highly accurate digital maps.


Thanks to the collaboration between Stonex and PointCab, you can try this powerful software with our Laser Scanners. PointCab Origins is your Swiss army knife when it comes to the evaluation of point cloud data.


STONEX RECONSTRUCTOR SOFTWARE will guide you trough a complete and clear workflow with expandable modules suited to your needs.