GPS technology for smart farming

STONEX offers numerous precision positioning solutions to meet the needs of the agricultural world. Our solutions for smart farming provide the ability to easily plan, schedule and manage jobs.

Thanks to the high level of accuracy of our receivers, we are able to guarantee high positioning quality on various types of jobs. The solutions consist of hardware and software; moreover, they adapt to different types of machines becoming easily adaptable to the client’s needs.

Stonex Special Projects division has designed several solutions for smart farming:


Solution for the precision calculation of the area of a parcel, the localization of a specific area of the territory and the creation of precise maps.


Solution for stakeout, design and creation of plantations/ vineyards, usable both manually and on machines.


Solution for the design and driving of poles in a field /vineyard that allows to reduce time and work stress, as well as to increase the accuracy.


Mission planner for ground drones with precision positioning.


Field drainage positioning and guiding solution.


Smart farming solution, suitable for planning jobs and providing precise information to the operator in the field.


System for the management of the tractor fleet, the planning of the works and the connection between the office and the field.


Solution for driving agri machines along a previously predefined path.