High-performance Positioning Systems and Web based software

The Stonex solution for fleet management consists of a miniaturized GPS / Glonass unit, with an easy-to-install, high-performance container. The installation of an external GPS / Glonass receiver increases its accuracy and type of use, furthermore the integrated three-axis accelerometer makes the solution highly performing.

Thanks to the complete configurability, the macro functions, the native interfaces (such as CAN and OBD) and the availability of an extensive and complete set of I/O and accessories, it adapts to any application and vehicle.

Stonex Special Projects division has designed a solution for GPS positioning of vehicles.

Main features

• Vehicle and fleet location on map

• Hybrid, satellite, streetview map display

• “Mobile” access optimized for Tablet PC or smartphone

• Historical track report

• Vehicle statistics report

• Warning light or alphanumeric display for the overcoming of the machine control event