Collect in minutes millions of points, recording your urban environment with X300.

Laser Scanner and GPS integration will speed up your 3D scans georeferentiation and integration with existing GIS data.

Cube Scan and Reconstructor software will help you in reconstructing wide areas in the virtual model, and performing segmentation and classification of buildings, signs, trees, etc.

Integrated models can also easily be created by combining Laser scanner point clouds, photos, photogrammetric models, thermal images, Satellite/Aerial imagery.


Cube-3d is a Photogrammetric software for mapping and aerial image processing, dedicated to land surveying specialists. It will transform image
Nemo110 is an unmanned vessel system with integrated single-beam echosounder. Thanks to this versatile solution it is possible to carry
Cube-CORS is a software dedicated to the remote management of Stonex GNSS receivers.
Cube-caster is the advanced Stonex solution for the transmission of GNSS real-time data streams.
RADIO MODEM 2W POWER. SR02 is a high power radio modem for transmitting RTK corrections from a GNSS receiver.
The R20 range is composed of 3 versions, the R20 1000 m model with 2" angular accuracy, the R20 1000
SR35 is a high power radio modem for transmitting RTK corrections from a basic GNSS receiver. The transmission power can
Stonex S990A is a 800 Channels GNSS receiver characterized by a new feature that enhance the performances of field surveys.
The color touch display and the possibility of connecting an external antenna makes S980A an extremely effective receiver for every
SRT10W is the new 10.1” (inches) Stonex tablet with Windows 10 IoT Enterprise OS. Thanks to its robustness and reliability,

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