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S850+ GNSS Receiver

Compact GNSS Receiver

Equipped with an advanced 1408-channel GNSS board and capable of supporting various satellite constellations, including GPS, GLONASS, BEIDOU, GALILEO and QZSS. The Stonex S850+ GNSS receiver is the ideal solution for any surveying work in the field.

The receiver’s advanced design gives the S850+ excellent signal tracking and interference resistance capabilities. The advantages of portability and speed of operation make the S850+ GNSS receiver particularly suitable for field work in areas with complex terrain.

Stonex S850+ is equipped with all the necessary connections, has built-in Bluetooth and internal Wi-Fi capabilities; has a built-in UHF radio and 4G GSM modem compatible worldwide. Stonex S850+ also integrates the IMU system that enables inclined measurement (TILT) up to 60° : quick initialization, fast and accurate surveying.

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    Stonex S850+ with its 1408 channels, provides an excellent on-board real-time navigation solution with high accuracy. All GNSS signals (GPS, GLONASS, BEIDOU, GALILEO and QZSS) are included, no additional cost.

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    IMU TECHNOLOGY (optional)

    On S850+ is available the IMU technology. Fast initialization, up to 60° inclination.

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    Stonex S850+ is delivered with a large capacity lithium battery and Type-C connector to recharge it easily.

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    RADIO (optional)

    An activation code can enable the integrated UHF on S850+, whose range can be up to 10km under optimal conditions.

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    With IP67 certification Stonex S850+ will ensure operations in various kinds of extremely tough environments.

Made in Italy

If you are looking for a “Made in Italy” instrument with a 3 years warranty, you can purchase the italian version of our S850+ GNSS Receiver.

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