Why S800 GNSS is a real innovation?

S800 GNSS is the newest compact high precision Stonex GPS. It is the first receiver designed with an internal magnesium alloy framework which contains all the receiver components; thanks to the strong aluminum alloy capsule S800 can work in all environmental conditions, and fall down on the ground without any damage. S800 is equipped with a 555 channels board receiving all the existing constellations signals.

How is it possible to reach the high precision?

High precision can be reached in two ways: using the internal UHF radio module in a base/rover configuration or receiving corrections from a GPS network using the Bluetooth™ connection with the data collector used in the field. The Bluetooth™ connection makes possible to use the web connection of the device to get NTRIP data from the internet.

How many constellations are tracked by S800?

S800 tracks all the constellations currently available around the Earth (GPS, GLONASS, Beidou and Galileo).

Which field software supports S800?

All the Stonex’s softwares support S800 and thanks to our partnership with two well known software houses, Carlson and Micro Survey, it is possible use S800 at top of its performance with SurvPC-CE and Field Genius.

Is it possible to use S800 with third parties field software?

Yes if the software can read an NMEA sentence is possible to use this way to collect the points and use the Web User Interface to set the GPS as it’s necessary for the work.

Which benefits has the User from the Web User Interface?

The WebUI is web page where is possible to set all the features of S800 and check its status using a phone or any other device that support a Wi-Fi connection and has a browser installed.

Is it necessary an Internet connection to use the WebUI?

No, it is a connection with the S800 Wi-Fi so it doesn’t need an internet connection activated in your device.

What is it the extra safe mode?

Extra safe mode ramps up the thresholds on the ambiguity fixing algorithms so that it is more conservative. Convergence to a fixed integer solution will take longer when Extra Safe Mode is used. Is recommend to use it only in very high multipath environments etc.