GPS guidance system for road safety barriers installation


Stonex STX SUITE for guard rail installation is a simple and intuitive solution to facilitate the work and increase the quality. The on-site project creation is to set the project and the pickets distances using a GPS receiver Stonex (S8 or S9 III Plus) and a tablet.


The operator moves along the roadside, the software tracks the points at a given distance (e.g. 10 m). When the GPS stake out is finished, the software apply the offsets for each progressive distance (from ID0) and calculate the position of the guardrail points. The program connects the guardrail points in order to create the guardrail. It is now possible to place the guardrail stakes (yellow dots) at the desired distance along the rail.



The job-site navigation is easy and efficient, no different from the workflow in a solar field. STX SUITE guides the machine on the exact position, by showing bearings and direction on display of the tablet. The poles that have already been processed are highlighted on the screen and a CSV report of the work is also availabe, allowing a straightforward and error-free workflow from the field to the office.


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