PointCab Software

Point cloud processing made easy

Thanks to the collaboration between Stonex and PointCab, you can try this powerful software with our Laser Scanners.

PointCab Origins is your Swiss army knife when it comes to the evaluation of point cloud data – working with all laser scanners and compatible with all CAD and BIM systems.

– Automatically creates a front, side, and top view (ortho photos) from the point cloud. Inuitive and easy to work with.

– Create floor plans & sections and measure areas, distances, volumes, and much more with just a few clicks.

– Compatible with all CAD & BIM systems

– Collect data from drones, terrestrial or SLAM laser scanners

– Process all data format with PointCab

Top Functionalities & Plugins


Thanks to our Layout & Section module, it has never been easier to obtain fast and precise results from the point cloud – coloured as required and including difference comparison and analysis.


The plugin for Archicad was developed in cooperation with long-time Archicad experts and is thus perfectly adapted to your needs as an Archicad user.


Thanks to the Semi-automatic Vectorizer, your sections and floor plans almost vectorise themselves!


Bother no more with time-consuming importing, navigating, and measuring of point cloud data in Revit. Simply create your model and connect Revit with PointCab Origins. The 4Revit plugin automatically transfers all the 3D information needed to create walls, doors, windows, and other objects.