Software for GNSS Network

GNSMART2 is the best solution for high accuracy real-time positioning without hardware restrictions.

What is the GNSMART ?
GNSMART2 (GNSS State Monitoring And Representation Technique) is a software that enables the consistent and seamless estimation of GNSS errors (rigorous solution) and provides both OSR and SSR corrections.
The data transmitted by GNSS technology allows high resolution observations but remains affected by many errors (satellite errors, orbit errors…). The GNSMART2 software allows to process these errors.

Software Features:

  • individual configurable and transparent software structure
  • simplified and modernized visualization/interface for operators and users
  • modernized operation and user management
  • consistent and seamless estimation of GNSS errors (rigorous solution) supporting: all systems, all signals, any reference station, scalable networks, any rover
  • providing various output formats

GNSMART2 supports:

  • more than 20 proprietary receiver interfaces (hardware independent)
  • standardized input formats (RINEX, RTCM) and others (BINEX)
  • heterogenous networks
  • international RTCM standard: RTCM3, FKP, Non-Physical Reference Stations, MAC, RTCM3-MSM
  • open formats: SSRZ, SAPA, Compact SSR, …