S7G GNSS Receiver

The new STONEX S7G GNSS receiver combine the modern positioning technology and versatility of a powerful handheld, perfect for collecting geographic data and operate fast and accurate measurements.

S5 GNSS Receiver

STONEX S5 uses the most modern connection technologies: even if the traditional Bluetooth connectivity is present, Stonex S5 Linux based System, is equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity, for an efficient, fast and reliable data connection with the external device.

S4II C/H Controller

STONEX S4II is the new entry in the Stonex rugged handheld family. Integrated devices, suitable for all the jobs where a rugged and high performances Windows Mobile PC is required.

T4A/T4W Rugged Tablets

STONEX T4A and T4W are the new Stonex tablets available in Android version (T4A – Android 5.1) and Windows version (T4W – Windows 10 Home).