Real-Time Kinematic surveys using the Global Navigation Satellites System (GNSS) for cadastral work is becoming a common way of doing: any Stonex GNSS system is perfect for Cadastral operations.

Using a Stonex GNSS with CUBE Suite the Professional Surveyor will enjoy the seamless data flow and the accuracy of the measured points

Moreover, the Optical Total Stations R1+ and R2+ are an essential support for situations where the GNSS cannot be used, and the new R2Plus Windows delivers a clear graphical map in real time.

All the Stonex Total Stations are compliant with the technical specifications of any worldwide Cadaster, both for the angular and the distance accuracy.


S800A GNSS Receiver
Stonex S800A is a compact, high-performance GNSS receiver with unique features and unmatched in its category.
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S800 GNSS Receiver
Equipped with an advanced 555 channels GNSS board and capable of supporting multiple satellite constellations, including GPS, GLONASS, BEIDOU and
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S10A GNSS Receiver
Stonex S10A is the latest Stonex GNSS receiver characterized by a new feature that enhance the performances and potential of
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R2W 1”1000 m
Stonex R2W 1”1000 m is the most accurate Total Station ever appeared in the Stonex Total Staions family.
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R1 Plus Total Station
Stonex R1 Plus Total Station, precise distance and angles measurements, concentrated in 5 Kg of pure technology.
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Cube-t is a surveying and mapping software based on Window 10 platform.
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Cube-m is the solution for RTK surveying, stakeout, control and mapping, based on Windows Mobile platform.
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This is Android APP and it has been developed to connect Android devices to Stonex GPS receivers.
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