Optical Survey

Total Stations

What is included in the bundle of the Total Stations ?

In any bundle are included the basic accessories needed to run the instrument, such as the battery charger and the batteries, the transport case, the rain cover, the adjustment tools. Tripod, prism and prism pole are not included because several models of each can be choosen from the Stonex price list.

Which software is onboard (Windows based TS)?

The Windows™ Total Stations (R2+W 2” and 1”) are completely flexible: the User is free to choose her/his favourite field software within the ones compatible with R2+W; the User is also free to install her/his software application on board.

Which software is onboard (R1+, R2+)?

R1+ and R2+ are equipped with a factory software featuring several COGO functionalities and a complete set of routines for data management, storage, setting out, import/export.

Which is the most accurate Stonex Total Station?

The most accurate is R2+W 1” – 1.000: 1” accuracy and 1.000 m reflectoress range.

Any limit regarding the memory of the Total Stations?

Potentially not: combining the internal memory with the SD card the User can store any volume of data (and we suggest to download and save the data to a computer at the end of the daily work, it is a safe procedure)

Why R2+ and R2+W are a superior standard compared to the instrument of other producers?

Because, despite the competitive price, both provide features usually found in instruments which cost 3 times more, such a the Endless Drive for continuous hor and vert. rotation, temperature and pressure sensors which automatically adjust the measure at any weather change and the trigger key on the side for a more accurate measurement procedure.

Is any desktop SW provided with the Total Stations?

STONEX Data Manager (SDM) is provided free: used to download and load data from/to the TS, SDM manages the fieldbook and export/import files from/to the main formats (DXF, ASCII, SHP and many others).

Can an external controller be connected with R2+?

Stonex S4C/H II can work wireless with R2+, via Bluetooth™ connection. Using a field software as SURV CE, the User can mix the data from R2+ and from the GPS into the same job (using the same controller for both the instruments).

What about the reflectorless range and the angle accuracy of the Stonex Total Stations?

All the TS feature 600m reflectorless (without prism) and 2” accuracy, while R2+W 1” fearues 1” accuracy and 1.000m reflectorless (Kodak Grey card standard).

How long is the warranty period?

The Warranty period is 24 months from the delivery date; the warranty can be extended thanks to the Warranty Extension Service (ask your Dealer for details).

Is coming any calibration certification with the instrument?

All the Total Station are checked before the delivery; at a Customer request the Stonex Service can issue the Metrological Certificate following the DIN 55 350 normative.