The Real Environment MOvement Tracker

Stonex, together with Gter, is pleased to announce that the new website of the REMOT Project is online. This project, funded by the European Union (EUSPA), aims to create a prototype of a miniaturized and wearable device. The target will be tracking of the kinematic of the Gait and more generally the movement of a person during sports or rehabilitation activities.


The main idea behind REMOT project is to develop a low cost wearable device suitable to provide accurate measurements of the kinematic of the human Gait and more in general of the human movement in a real life environment and in normotype condition.



he area of musculoskeletal disorders affecting cervical pain, low back pain, hip pain, patello femoral pain, ankle sprain is very vast.
All these conditions modify motor control by limiting the patient’s autonomy. To bring the patient back to his autonomy, manual work and therapeutic exercise strategies based on systems for evaluating outcome measures with high precision and reliability are fundamental.


In high-level sport there is an absolute need to study the individual subject to adapt the science of sport to the characteristics of the individual athlete. This makes it possible to achieve the best short, medium and long-term work program through ad-hoc strategies derived from the performance model.


The enabling technology of REMOT innovative capabilities is based on GNSS and IMU sensor fusion. In the Gait analysis such an approach, extensively and successfully tested in precise navigation application, allows to synchronize lots of wearable sensors.


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