With X300 you can rapidly obtain a complete 3D model of your building, indoor and outdoor, at each stage of the construction. The rugged case and IP grade will protect your instrument even in the toughest construction site. Using CubeScan and Reconstructor software it is easy to produce orthophotos, elevations, floor plans, sections and import/export data to your CAD software. Add images to obtain photo-realistic renderings and models.

Find out how much you can improve productivity and quality with X300 Laser Scanner.


Cube-3d is a Photogrammetric software for mapping and aerial image processing, dedicated to land surveying specialists. It will transform image
STONEX F6 is the market leader 3D handheld scanner for fast scanning of big objects and large areas from short
XH120 is an handheld laser scanner based on newest STONEX SLAM technology.
X150 is a robust and easy-to-use scanner for quick surveys up to 150 m.
Stonex Cube-fly allows to perform advanced UAV drones’ mission planning and to process photogrammetric calculations of digital images.
Cube-scan is part of Stonex Cube-suite. Easy to use and learn, it allows basic 3D workflows.
STONEX RECONSTRUCTOR SOFTWARE will guide you trough a complete and clear workflow with expandable modules suited to your needs.
X300 New is a 3D Scanner designed to deliver effective results every day, on any project.

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