Real-Time Kinematic surveys using the Global Navigation Satellites System (GNSS) for cadastral work is becoming a common way of doing: any Stonex GNSS system is perfect for Cadastral operations.

Using a Stonex GNSS with CUBE Suite the Professional Surveyor will enjoy the seamless data flow and the accuracy of the measured points

Moreover, the Stonex Optical Total Stations are an essential support for situations where the GNSS cannot be used, and the new R35 Windows delivers a clear graphical map in real time.

All the Stonex Total Stations are compliant with the technical specifications of any worldwide Cadaster, both for the angular and the distance accuracy.


S40 Controller
The S40 rugged and reliable design, combined with the IP67 Certification rating can withstand any harsh environment. STONEX S40 can
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R80 Motorized Total Station
R80 combines the power of a Total Station and the capabilities of a remote control. The monitoring of large and
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R35/R35LR Total Station
Now with Endless Friction Drives and Trigger Key Stonex R35/R35LR series is the most customizable Total Station of the market.
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R25/R25LR Total Station
Cadastral, mapping, staking out, and up to high precision monitoring works: within the range of R25/R25LR Series, you will find
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R15 Total Station
The companion of every professional Surveyor. Stonex R15 Total Station, precise distance and angles measurements, concentrated in 5 Kg of
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R1 Plus Total Station
Stonex R1 Plus Total Station, precise distance and angles measurements, concentrated in 5 Kg of pure technology.
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GeoGis W10
GIS users are usually involved in data collection and applications but they are less familiar with methodologies and acronyms typical
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Cube-m is the solution for RTK surveying, stakeout, control and mapping, based on Windows Mobile platform.
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This is Android APP and it has been developed to connect Android devices to Stonex GPS receivers.
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Cube-a is Stonex surveying and mapping software designed and developed for Android platform.
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